What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?

White Flwr on Tree CU 3691NVC can dramatically improve our relationships by helping us focus our attention on:

1) Empathic understanding of others without compromising our own values, and
2) Expressing our real feelings and needs openly and honestly, yet without blame or criticism.


NVC delineates four components of communication:


1) Observations free of evaluations;
2) Feelings straight from the heart;
3) Needs, values and longings; and
4) Requests expressed clearly in positive action language.


Together these tools help create the kind of dialogue that can foster resolutions satisfying for everyone without painful sacrifice. Even in situations of longstanding conflict or hostility, the NVC process can open new doors to compassionate connection and action.


Learning NVC is Learning to:


  • Build relationships based on compassion and understanding
  • Accurately understand other people’s feelings and needs
  • Be assertive and negotiable at the same time
  • Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger and depression


Pink Flwr CU 3699NVC Reference Materials: