Group Constellations Exploring Race and Ethnicity

Private home San Lorenzo, CA, United States

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the impact of transgenerational trauma and family history using Systemic Constellations. The workshop focuses on the experience of people of color and their families in the United States. The work will be primarily concentrated on healing and exploration through facilitated...

BayNVC Immersion Program (BIP) — 2017

Private home San Lorenzo, CA, United States

How can we thrive, even in the face of the significant challenges of our lives? Nonviolent Communication is not just about communication. It's about our developing our internal resources to be the people we want to be; to show up authentically and compassionately even in tough circumstances; to care more fully for ourselves and for others; to experience power and choice in the places that we tend to feel stuck or helpless. Within the warmth of a community of learners in the BayNVC Immersion Program, we explore real-life situations and uncover new ways to respond, discovering a range of choices in the place of old habits. We practice specific NVC skills, going for the intention behind the structures, the heart behind the words. We also laugh together quite a lot.

Free – $1600.00