Sheila Menezes

As a Leadership Development Coach, Communication Trainer, and Facilitator during these unpredictable times, Sheila Menezes is a strong advocate for empathy and she is concurrently results-oriented. Her work focuses on the essential need to ignite client creativity and the mindset of possibility through visioning, and

Lisa Montana

LISA MONTANA came to conflict resolution from the business world, where she witnessed frequent disputes, most of them handled in ways that nobody liked. Working with Collaborative Communication, she found a model in which everyone's needs matter and against all odds, has seen wildly antagonistic

Meganwind Eoyang

Meganwind Eoyang grew up involved in street fighting on Chicago's South Side, studied and taught martial arts and went on to learn full force fighting. Though these activities brought a sense of physical safety, they offered no way of connecting with others. For her, Nonviolent