Collaborative Trainer, Leadership Development Coach, Safer Communities Project

As a Leadership Development Coach, Communication Trainer, and Facilitator during these unpredictable times, Sheila Menezes is a strong advocate for empathy and she is concurrently results-oriented. Her work focuses on the essential need to ignite client creativity and the mindset of possibility through visioning, and she subsequently guides her clients to create practical steps, formulas, and strategic plans to accomplish those visions. She holds her clients compassionately accountable to embed learned leadership and communication skills into their daily lives; she understands that practice is the direct path toward successful outcomes.


With over 104 training hours, Sheila graduated from the highly acclaimed CTI, and now has a thriving coaching practice. She incorporates Compassionate Communication, Co-Active Coaching, and over a decade of her own experience as a successful business owner into her work. She is at heart an adventurous entrepreneur, and in her practice she is a loving witness who creates the necessary environment to catalyze her clients into presence and connection with their fierce belonging, to return to their unique style of leadership, and to incorporate compassion into their relationships with the outcome of personal, professional, and relational transformation.


In addition, Sheila’s 10 years’ experience learning, living, and teaching individuals and groups Nonviolent Communication (NVC), advanced her to be Collaborative Trainer with the regional NVC organization: BayNVC. Since 2015, Sheila has continued to volunteer on a weekly basis with the Safer Communities Project, training community members who live incarcerated inside at San Quentin State Prison in NVC, effective communication, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, relational and leadership skills. She brings these critical skills not only into prison, but also to professional environments supporting executives and managers, and into schools and nonprofits.


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