Trainer & Coach for companies and private clients

Newt Bailey is the founder of the Communication Dojo workshops. His passion is sharing nonviolent communication, through workshops, videos, and other materials, in a way that is very quick to integrate and put to use.


In his private practice Newt works as a communication trainer and coach, mediator, and facilitator in corporate and other organizational settings. Newt also works privately with individuals and couples as a leadership-coach, communication-coach, conflict-coach, life-coach, or mediator.


Newt first learned NVC in the NVC Mediation classes of John Kinyon and Ike Lasater in 2005. In 2006, he began mediating conflicts and sharing NVC with others. Later Newt co-led the Heartland NVC Mediation yearlong program, the first program to realize John and Ike’s dream of having their students lead yearlong programs following their curriculum. He continues to be a lead trainer in the NVC Mediation yearlong programs.


Newt has taught NVC to inmates in San Quentin prison and to parolees in a residential program in Hayward, CA. He appears with Miki Kashtan on the TV show Conflict Hotline.


NVC informs and shapes Newt’s spiritual life and he is persistently drawn to exploring the meeting point and overlap between NVC and various spiritual traditions.


Newt received an MA in Physics from Oxford University in England. He then worked briefly in sales, followed by seven years as a high school math teacher and department chair, before moving into software engineering and corporate management.


Newt lives in San Francisco’s Mission District and loves nothing more than hiking amongst the redwoods of the Bay Area.
Words from Newt: “NVC has hugely reduced my fear of conflict and increased my capacity to speak up when I’m not enjoying what’s happening in any given situation or relationship. It has also given me the enormous gift of helping people in conflict to figure out what’s really important to them and to work together toward mutually satisfying, and often quite surprising, resolutions.”


Watch a video of Newt and colleague Ali Miller demonstrating the “Connected Conversation Process,” the foundational process of the Communication Dojo.


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