ON LINE Empowered Communication Two, 5 Mondays

COST:   $400.00 regular tuition; $325 scholarship rate (when available) 5 Mondays, May 17 through June 21, 2021.  We will SKIP May 31, Memorial Day   NVC has already been contributing to my life.  I'm feeling so peaceful and happy.  The relationship between me and my parents has been

Authentic Dialogues Across Race / Ethnicity

Join Roxy for a 7-week course focused upon intentional dialogue across the racial/ethnic divide. Roxy will facilitate white-only and BIPOC-only groups for four sessions of exploration and reflection, before bringing those groups together for three sessions of dialogue.

NVC for Real: Coaching Across Racial Microaggressions

Looking for direct and compassionate unpacking of what's not working in your cross-racial dialogues? Don't want those impacted to be the ones to explain it to you? Join Roxy for coaching, education and just enough empathy so you can make real changes going forward.

ON LINE Empowered Commun 1, 5 Mondays

COST:   $400.00 regular tuition; $325 scholarship rate (when available) 5 Mondays, February 22 through March 22, 2021..   "Never again will you believe that a person is too hard to work with, a decision too complicated to make, or a conversation too difficult to have."    

Living Peace at Home and at Work

  Are you interested in developing skills to keep your heart strong in the face of the immense challenges of our times? The tools of Nonviolent Communication can support us to keep ourselves healthy in turbulent times and to make a difference for everyone whose lives we