Say What You Mean: A Mindful Communication Retreat

Mindfulness practice provides a powerful support for clear, kind, and effective conversations. Join author, communication trainer and meditation teacher Oren Jay Sofer for this introduction to Mindful Communication in an online weekend retreat. We will explore how our contemplative practice can provide a foundation for

ON LINE Empowered Commun 1, 5 Mondays

COST:   $400.00 regular tuition; $325 scholarship rate (when available) 5 Mondays, August 3 through August 31, 2020.   "Never again will you believe that a person is too hard to work with, a decision too complicated to make, or a conversation too difficult to have."    

Dealing with Our Losses with Care

Key Questions: How do we feel the depth of our grief without drowning in it? How do we offer life preservers of care to those in our lives navigating loss? How can we feel the pain of the world as it changes while also holding

ONLINE Empowered Commun 1, 5 Mondays CANCELLED

I imagine you may be disappointed if you're eager to get started on your NVC learning? You can register for the August 3 Empowered Communication series here.   COST:$400.00 regular tuition; $325 scholarship rate (when available) 5 Mondays, June 22 through July 20, 2020.   “Never again will you believe that

Finding Healing and Strength in Empathic Interdependence

Key Questions: What has our current social context revealed about the nature of our interconnectedness and our interdependence? What are the consequences of not recognizing the truth of our interdependence? What is the role of an empathic community in personal healing? What is the role

NVC Global Festival

Join Roxy, Jared and trainers from every continent at the first NVC Global Festival Online Over 45 NVC live workshops from well-known teachers ​Over 25 live energizing offerings that will nourish you as we connect online.​ Don’t worry about missing a workshop, all learning content

ON LINE Empowered Commun 2, SRosa, 5 Wednesdays

COST:   $350.00 regular tuition; $300 scholarship rate (when available) 5 Wednesdays, May 20 through June 17, 2020.   "NVC has already been contributing to my life.  I'm feeling so peaceful and happy.  The relationship between me and my parents has been developing little by little because of NVC.