Reducing Financial Barriers to Training in Nonviolence

Widening access to NVC and training in nonviolence through financial support and the addressing of systemic barriers.


Increasing Accessibility of Nonviolence

We have been granted an opportunity to designate a small fund to offer support to members of marginalized communities to increase access to educational opportunities in the fields of nonviolence, including Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Kingian Nonviolence, and Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL). On this page we describe how individuals may apply for funding and what is needed to continue the fund. 

At BayNVC, we are painfully aware of the enormous systemic obstacles that block full participation in shaping and benefiting from training in nonviolence. The vast majority of people who participate in NVC training in much of the world are from white and middle class backgrounds. We have been aiming to make a dent in this picture since we founded the BayNVC Diversity Project in 2002. We offered workshops on the topic of “Connecting across Differences;” we put enormous emphasis on supporting people of color in participating in the BayNVC Leadership Program when it was offered. Graduates of the program have been offering an annual retreat now called Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice for the last fifteen years, and we have collaborated with many to produce materials and an approach to the topics of power and privilege from a liberation perspective. 

None of it has been enough. We mourn that even while being fully committed, and even while offering both material and other forms of support, both BayNVC and now NGL continue to be less than fully welcoming for people from marginalized communities. We have identified two main barriers to this, and are seeking to attend to both of them. One is more consistent access to funds to make events more readily available to people regardless of means or social location. The other is a deeper investigation of what we are unwittingly contributing to in our daily operations, in how trainings are run, in how decisions are made, in how we engage with feedback and attend to conflict, and more. 

Two years ago, we received $25,000 from an anonymous donor dedicated to supporting us in both of these endeavors. Over this period, 14 people have received a total of $10,263 to attend a variety of events, both from this initial donation and from additional fundraising we conducted. 

Recently, we took stock of the funding available, our goals as shared with the original donor, and feedback we have received from the community, and this is what we have decided to do with the remaining $18,000 in the fund:

  • $6,000 are dedicated to support individuals from marginalized communities in their study and liberation efforts. More on how to apply below.
  • $6,000 are dedicated to funding a new project for which we hired Jihan McDonald. The goal of the project is to research and come up with clear and very specific agreements within BayNVC and NGL to make both of them systemically welcoming to people from marginalized communities. Our plans include documenting what we learn in the process to make it available to other organizations and communities that are struggling with how to make themselves more welcoming to marginalized communities. If you are interested in further details about this project, email for more information.
  • $6,000 are going to be allocated a few months down the line, once we know the effectiveness of the two ways of using the fund, as well as how much additional funding comes through our fundraising efforts.

Contribute to the future of this scholarship

We are also inviting continued contributions from our community and anyone else who is excited about what we are aiming to do. Let us know if you want to participate, and let others within your communities know about this project so that we can continue to offer this support into the future. 

If you are inspired to make contribution, please choose “Reducing Barriers to Training in Nonviolence” as your designation.

Scholarship Contribution


Since BayNVC was founded in 2002, one of our consistent passions has been the focus on leadership, on service, on giving the work greater impact through supporting individuals who are ready to serve their own communities and the world, beyond their individual lives. We are planning to focus in similar ways in choosing how to leverage the small amounts of money that we currently have in this scholarship fund. 

We want to support individuals from marginalized communities whose focus is on learning, integrating, applying, and sharing principles and practices of nonviolence in settings that focus on larger social, political, and cultural themes, starting with and also going beyond personal liberation. 

Here are some specific programs that we are aware of and trust are aligned with our goals in this area. These are only examples. We are happy to receive applications in relation to other programs so long as there is a clear way that the application connects the program chosen with our focus here. 

  1. Room and board costs for NGL retreats once those are offered in person (there’s no need to apply for any other aspect of NGL offerings, since they are all offered on a gift economy basis and zero contribution is always welcome)
  2. Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice events 
  3. Events offered by People of Color for NVC (POC4NVC)
  4. Events offered by Roxy Manning 
  5. Kingian Nonviolence events offered by East Point Peace Academy (although their events are also based on a gift economy model, this would be a way to support their work, too)
  6. Nonviolence training events offered by the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
  7. The Compass with Arnina Kashtan (when taken for the purpose of supporting self and others’ liberation)

Given that our funds are, at present, limited, we will generally limit support for any one person to $500. 

If you are a member of a marginalized community, you believe that the program or event you want to attend qualifies for the kind of support we want to offer, and are clear on how you will use what you learn in service to liberation for all, we invite you to apply. 

If you are someone who can benefit from support to be able to complete an application, we would be honored to, at the very least, explore if we have capacity to help you in some way. Whether because you have questions you prefer to talk about rather than write about, or you would like clarification, and perhaps encouragement, you can reach Isa by phone +1 510-433-0700 ext. 703 to explore support, or email



In general, we anticipate responding within 3-4 weeks. If you need to hear sooner than this period because of the timing of the event you wish to attend, please let us know in a separate email to