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June 2011 – Parenting II
Last episode of CH until we return. We return to parenting this month with three more scenarios and an interview with Yannai Kashtan, a 12 year old who has grown up in a family dedicated to NVC principles. Scenarios: A child doesn’t want mom to leave in “I don’t like Laura”; a parent tries to help two arguing siblings in “Just leave me alone”; and a teenager wants to get a motorcycle in “Not under this roof.” Host: Miki Kashtan Roleplayers: Annett Zupke, Yannai Kashtan, and Matt Zweier.

April 2011 – Sex with Someone Else II
We continue our look at how does a couple begin to work through the conflict when one of them has had sex with someone else? Is mutual understanding possible? What is the path to restoring trust? This is a follow on to the Oct. 09 episode. Host: Jared Finkelstein, Conflict Coach: Miki Kashtan, role players: Newt Bailey, and Ali Miller.

March 2011 – Parenting
Parenting is one of the most challenging relationships there is, and it’s often filled with conflict daily. We explore three parenting situations across a range of ages: A child that doesn’t want to get dressed in the morning in “Getting out the door”, a teenager whose marijuana use has his parent worried in “You’ve been smoking again”, and an 8 year old who wants to see a PG-13 movie in “I am old enough”. Host: Sigal Shoham, Conflict Coach: Miki Kashtan, Roleplayers: Jared Finkelstein, Barbara Kochan.

February 2011 – “Yes” & “No” in the Workplace
Can you trust when someone tells you “yes” at work? What do you do when someone says “no”? Have you ever worried about these kinds of interactions or lost your wits trying to figure them out? We explore these workplace dilemmas with 3 scenarios: “Don’t take “yes” for an answer.”, “If they’re coming, I’m not.”, and “We already tried that.” Host: Sigal Shoham, Conflict Coach: Miki Kashtan, Roleplayers: Ali Miller, Kerry Tepperman.

December 2010 – Inner Conflict
Host Sigal Shoham and Coach Miki Kashtan are joined by role players Ali Miller and Kerry Tepperman as they examine in depth the inner conflict write-in viewer “Lauren” is experiencing over whether or not to visit her friend in crisis and provide support.

November 2010 – Empathy
Host Newt Bailey interviews Judith Katz and coaches role players and BayNVC Empathy Team members Carol Wolfley and Lea Stotland.
“Endless Monologue” – Sandra learns to interrupt her neighbor compassionately to restore connection.
“The Connection Project” – an interview with Judith Katz, BayNVC Connection Project Coordinator.
“Preparing for Thanksgiving” – Newt coaches Fran to prepare for a difficult conversation with her sister.
“You need to see a doctor!” – Fran connects with Gretta across differences in health care preferences.

October 2010 – Sex with Someone Else
How does a couple begin to work through the conflict when one of them has had sex with someone else? Sigal Shoham hosts Coach Miki Kashtan as she guides cast members Newt Bailey and Ali Miller through an in-depth look at this difficult situation.

August 2010 – Social Change
Miki Kashtan interviews special guest Michael Nagler hosted by Sigal Shoham with cast members Ali Miller and Lucy Perry.
“It’s supposed to be nonviolent” – two activist leaders disagree about how to conduct a demonstration.
“Nonviolence and Social Change” – an interview with Michael Nagler.
“Joseph and the trash” – a caller experiences transformation and empowerment in coping with the overwhelming scale of most social problems.

July 2010 – Alternative Families
Miki Kashtan with Sigal Shoham and Smita Khatri
“Which Dad?” – A mom connects with her child’s resentment and confusion around Father’s Day.
“Fine, I’ll stay out of it” – A caller with a foster daughter finds compassion for the biological mom.
“You like her best!” – The caller finds effective, compassionate ways to mediate conflicts.

June 2010 – Money
Sigal Shoham with Newt Bailey and Ali Miller
“We need to save more!” – a couple disagrees about saving vs spending money.
“That’s not fair” – two siblings tangle over their mother’s inheritance.
“Can we go shopping?” – a father and daughter argue over her spending on clothes.
“I deserve some!” – two friends struggle over sharing some prize money.

May 2010 – Our Mothers
Miki Kashtan with Jared Finkelstein, Kerry Tepperman, and special guest Arnina Kashtan
“But you have to come” – a sister reacts to her brother’s loss of willingness to observe Mothers Day.
“You’re suffocating me” – a grown son reacts to his mother’s demands for more of his attention.
“Building Strong Mother-Child Relationships” – an interview with parenting coach Arnina Kashtan.
“Don’t make me” – a mother copes with her middle-school-aged son’s reluctance to go to school.

April 2010 – Political Differences
Miki Kashtan with Jared Finkelstein, Sigal Shoham, and Siobhan Cassidy
“It’s un-American” – two people disagree about healthcare.
“Nothing here I can eat” – a mother and son argue about food.
“Who’s for peace?” – two Jews disagree about how to find Middle East peace.

March 2010 – Workplace Friction
Miki Kashtan with Newt Baily and Jared Finkelstein.
“You’re not a team player” – a boss and worker learn about giving feedback.
“You’re late” – an exploration of a common workplace problem.
“Let me do my work!” – an exploration of effective management practice.

February 2010 – Intimacy
Miki Kashtan with Itzel Damaris and Newt Bailey
“You are so cheap” – a woman takes issue with her boyfriend’s date plans.
“I’m not in the mood” – a couple copes with differences in their desire for sex.
“You’re wearing that?” – a husband and wife disagree about how to dress for a special occasion.
“You are never happy.”
“How could you do this to me?”

January 2010 – Anger
Miki Kashtan with Itzel Damaris and Sigal Shoham
“Again?” – a wife gets angry with her husband over hearing the same old story.
“Just listen” – a caller’s girlfriend gets angry when he gives her advice.
“Take it slowly” – a second caller explores how to re-establish trust in a broken friendship.

December 2009 – Holiday Time
Miki Kashtan with Itzel Damaris, Kerry Tepperman, and newcomer Barbara Kochan
“It’s the thought that counts” – two women disagree about altering their family’s gift giving traditions.
“Doing my own thing” – a mother and her teenage daughter tangle over the daughter’s plans for Christmas Eve.
“Agree to disagree” – a niece hits a brick wall at her aunt’s party when she stumbles on a taboo subject.

November 2009 – various topics
Miki Kashtan with Newt Bailey and newcomers Sabine Geiger and Ellen Lerner
A husband is jealous of his wife’s dance partner.
A woman’s noisy behavior disturbs others in the library.
A caller has an internal struggle over whether to follow a new career direction.
A single mother and her father disagree about balancing self-care with care for the five-year-old.

September 2009 – various topics
Miki Kashtan with Newt Bailey, Itzel Damaris, and Sigal Shoham
“Down the slide” – a woman and her father disagree on how to parent her son.
A caller gets help with how to respond to a political commentary during an elevator ride.
“You can’t talk to me that way!” – a student and her professor tangle over feedback on her paper.
A woman in a housing coop learns how to handle a housemate who constantly uses coop rules to get his way.

August 2009 – various topics
Miki Kashtan with Newt Bailey and Itzel Damaris
“What’s the big deal?” – a husband and wife argue over decision-making.
“Not now, Dad” – a father tries to talk with his daughter.
“Weekend showdown” – a boss and a worker disagree about working on the weekend.
“You’re so needy.”
“How can you say that?”

July 2009 – various topics
Miki Kashtan with Itzel Damaris, Kerry Tepperman, Francois Beausoleil, and Sigal Shoham
A father and daughter struggle over cell phone charges.
A mom and a teacher conflict over the mom’s involvement at the school.
A wife needs more support from her husband with out-of-town visitors.
A man struggles with balancing fun with other needs.

June 2009 – various topics
Miki Kashtan with Sigal Shoham, Marc Scruggs, Newt Bailey, and Itzel Damaris
A mother deals with her teenage son’s hostility.
An employee struggles with a talkative co-worker.
A stranger attempts to interceded in a parent/child conflict.
A man talks to his wife about her eating decisions.

April 2009 – various topics
Sigal Shoham and Newt Bailey with Marc Scruggs and Phoenix Soleil
“I can’t believe you’re asking me that” – a trainer learns about a friend’s sensitivity.
“You need to be more careful” – a woman tries to get support from a friend.
“I thought he knew me better than that” – Marc gets empathy from Phoenix to prepare for initiating a difficult conversation with a friend.
“We live in different realities” – a caller gets coaching about sharing her feelings.

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