IN-PERSON Communication Dojo Drop-In

The Center SF 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

Changing how you communicate means changing habits, developing new skills, strengthening existing skills, and finding new ways to understand your thoughts and actions, and those of the other people in your life. As you gain greater proficiency and mastery you find that situations that used to trouble you greatly now seem surprisingly easy to navigate, and situations you would previously have avoided completely now fall within your capacity to handle.

ONLINE Communication Dojo – Weekly Practice Session

Online Course CA, United States

Integrating new communication habits usually takes some practice, just like learning and integrating most other skills.

Our practice sessions let you connect with others who want to practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to strengthen their existing skills and/or learn new skills.

Our rotating team of coaches are there to help you with the exercises and answer your questions along the way.