ONLINE NVC and Spiritual Practice – Monthly Drop-In

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"Nonviolent Communication really came out of my attempt to understand this concept of love and how to manifest it, how to do it." ~ Marshall Rosenberg, PhD., from "Practical Spirituality - Reflections on the Spiritual Basis of Nonviolent Communication"

​In these "NVC and Spiritual Practice" events we'll meet in presence and community and see where we go with whatever arises for us.

​Starting with your wonderings and your reports from day-to-day life, we'll dive into the "beloved divine life energy" that Marshall Rosenberg said he was attempting to describe with the language of universal human needs.

​Let's find out whether we can use our communication skills not only to communicate with each other, but also to communicate with whatever we meet inside - our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, sensations and the aliveness underlying it all.