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Transforming Organisations Through Collaborative Processes – Jaipur, Indiawith Miki Kashtan

January 6, 2018 - January 13, 2018

What is the Program About?

Learning collaborative approaches to creating more cohesive teams, where there is a sense of ownership and each person’s wisdom and creativity are harvested fully to create solutions which are in alignment with the vision and goals of the organization and acceptable to the people concerned.

The training will also give us a language and tools to understand and address power differences so we can make space for everyone at the table to speak frankly and to be heard about what really matters to them. It will help us understand and connect better with others who are seen and perceived as ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ in the power hierarchy. This understanding in an organization can also open the doors for structural change, which can solve long term bottlenecks and help the organization break away from underlying patterns which repeatedly create the same kind of conflicts again and again.

No prior knowledge of Nonviolent Communication(NVC) is needed to join this program.

Watch this interview with Miki Kashtan for more information about this training.

Content Flow and Modules:

This leadership training has the following schedule: we start on the 6th at 2 pm and end the evening of the 13th. The program is divided into three modules. While it is our hope and preference that participants attend all three parts of the program, we also understand that for some of the participants it might be difficult to take out eight days, so we are open to having some participants attend only selected modules.

Please be in touch with us if coming to the entire event is not an option for you and you would like to attend only some parts. Bear in mind that there are overlaps between the different parts, and thus if you come to parts 2 and/or 3 you may need to do some “catch-up”. We are confident we can make it work. To contact us for this purpose please email AhimsaGram or call Shammi at +91 9486083163.

January 6-8: Working for Transformation Without Recreating the Past

This part of the program focuses on what it takes — from the most internal to the most global — to give concrete meaning to the vision and values of nonviolence as we commit to aligning means and ends: How do we come to live nonviolence in our actions, words, and thoughts? What kinds of conversations and dialogue are needed for doing social change work? How do we refashion power and leadership as we move towards a new form of social organization? How do we work to transform the largest systems while continuing to aim for a world that works for all, including those currently in power?

January 9-11: Collaboration in the Workplace

This part of the program focuses on what individuals and organizations can do to make full collaboration a reality. Once again, the plan is to work at all levels: Why do organizational systems matter and what it would take to make them collaborative? What internal orientation is needed in order to collaborate even when others and the systems don’t? What types of interaction are particularly helpful in organizational settings? What makes teams work together more collaboratively?

January 12-13: Convergent Facilitation

This part of the program focuses on providing a conceptual framework, tools, and active practice to support participants in being able to support groups in reaching collaborative decisions. This process was developed by Miki and has been used in multiple settings, including a collaborative lawmaking project in Minnesota, USA.

How Can it Help ‘You’ in Your Role?

As a team leader: Learn what it takes to build cohesive teams where individuals act in sync with the vision and goals of the organization.

As a Community Organizer and activist: Learn to surface people’s core concerns and reach consensus decisions where no one is marginalized while avoiding long, draining, divisive meetings. The module on creating transformations without recreating the past will teach you to integrate your values in your working, and ‘be the change yourself’.

Facilitators: Zoom in on the source of conflicts, and learn to bring in transformative, practical options that work even when your group seems completely stuck.

Mediators: Get new tools to help any number of parties work towards breakthrough solutions, using a process that is transparent to all. It can help you facilitate conversations where people can connect across differences and thereby create workable solutions.

Language of the Program

The training will be offered in English and we will be providing hindi translation for those who want to have it.

About the Hosts

This workshop is organized by AhimsaGram, which is a community space hosted by a group of social entrepreneurs and collaborators who have the vision to create a sustainable and harmonious world and are also living, learning and sharing NVC and Collaborative Organization Design systems like Sociocracy. To learn more visit our website or our facebook page. The event is being coordinated by Shammi Nanda and Kunal Kankhare from AhimsaGram.


The event will be held at Shri Vrindavan Dham Dharamshala at a small temple town Khatu Shyam Ji. It’s a place about 80 km from Jaipur. The town has a famous temple, and the deity is known to be the one who supports those who are defeated in any battle, in Hindi referred to as ‘haare ke sahare’.

To know more about the directions to the venue, rooms and other facilities see this google document

Financial Contribution

It’s our sincere desire that this precious program be accessible to all those who want to come, irrespective of their financial resources, and at the same time, we want the costs of organizing the program to be covered and the organizing team who is putting in their heart, time and energy to be nurtured and taken care of. We are wanting to look for creative ways to be inclusive as well as sustainable and have cared for all. By this we mean sustainability over time, without requiring “saints” who will burn out in their work after organizing one or two events at most. We want us to be able to work for change and be well cared for at the same time.

The attempt to make things work for all of us is an integral part of what this event is about, and corresponds to specific parts of the content of the event itself: it’s about shifting from exchange to mutual gifting; from “market value” to needs; from negotiations to dialogue; from an individual perspective to an interdependent one.

Both we and Miki, independently of each other, have been working for years to support this shift in ourselves and in the way that money comes to us to sustain our work. We have had some successes, and we have had some hard lessons. We know that until society as a whole shifts, we can only find partial solutions, especially because you are reading this without us being present to answer your questions as you read.

In this instance, we are utilizing a variety of approaches to aim to reach enough sustainability, enough clarity, enough ease, enough self-responsibility, and enough accessibility for all.

  1. We are setting up a requested contribution that is calculated to cover all associated costs, including ongoing sustainability for the organizing team and the facilitator, and supporting exemptions/scholarships, if we have 90 people who contribute at least some amount, and 60 of them contribute the full amount.

Here is the rough breakdown of the requested amount for the 8-Day event-

  1. Tuition and event organizing amount – 25000 INR (390 USD).

The event organizing amount involves honorarium for the working team and for time and efforts put in by AhimsaGram team also. If there are requests for exemptions, the cost incurred on behalf of such participants could be taken out from this amount.

  1. Accommodation, meals and logistics amount – 20000 INR (310 USD). The logistic costs would also include for any additional arrangements at the venue, like tent, sound systems, travel/visa fee for the facilitator, travel(out station and local) for organizing team, the food for the organizing team during the days of preparation, etc.

Total requested contribution for meeting all the above mentioned heads is Rs. 45,000 (700 USD).

  1. We invite any participant who can contribute more than the requested amount to consider giving more, as it will support the event organizing and allow us to welcome more people to attend while contributing less.
  2. We aim to find a way to accommodate everyone who is unable to contribute at the level we requested through a variety of strategies as you see below. As you read the next section, we ask you to reflect deeply on what is truly possible for you. We have put enormous thought and care into formulating these strategies, and we would like you to also engage with the deep questions that arise as you join us on this new exploration to discern how much you choose to contribute, within your means and within your willingness, and in consideration of our needs alongside yours. Here are some of the questions we hope you will engage with:
  3. How do I hold my own needs with care at the same time as I free myself from habits of exchange, market value, and habits of consumption?
  4. How do I hold the needs of the organizing team and facilitator at the same time as I free myself from obligation and shame?
  5. How do I recognize my limits of capacity at the same time as I explore creativity in what I can do to contribute?

Our overall intention is to creatively find ways for mutual care with or without money.

Exemptions and Work Exchange

For those who find it difficult to contribute this amount, our preferred option is that you contribute in work towards creating this event and/or for supporting AhimsaGram in its work. AhimsaGram is putting its time and energy into making this event happen and if we get support in our work, it will allow us to offer this and other such events in the future for the community. One option is that you come to AhimsaGram for a fixed time before the event. As much as possible, we would appreciate it if your contribution of work is in some way proportional to the exemption that you are seeking. Since we don’t know the nature of skill being offered, availability of time, as well as many other variables, each agreement will be unique and customized. Thus, there will be a contact person from our team to work out the details. Again, if there is any way that you are able to contribute your work, this is our preferred solution, as it directly helps with our sustainability.

We also recognize that some people will not be able to contribute either money or work. We know that often enough people without means are also stretched in terms of time, either because of family challenges or because of being deeply engaged in work for change already that doesn’t generate much income. We want you to be there, and we want to find a way to sustain ourselves at the same time. Towards that end, we came up with the following approach:

  1. For those who are not able to contribute the full amount now and are able to do it over time, we offer a way to contribute in 6 installments. This is a way for you to be able to have more ease, and for us to have the full sustainability we are hoping for. The installment facility is available even for those who are offering less than the full amount.
  2. For those who are able to cover the accommodations and logistics portion in full and not the tuition and organizing portion, after an initial dialogue with you we can most likely offer you a confirmation within a short amount of time.
  3. For those who are unable to cover the accommodations and logistics portion, since this is an out-of-pocket expense for us, we plan to be in mindful dialogue with you to understand your needs more fully, to share with you our own situation as it appears at the time of our dialogue, and to explore creative options that are attentive to all the needs we identify. For the most part, we plan to delay confirmation of such requests until after we have reached certain milestones in terms of our sustainability. This will be done on a case by case basis.
  4. For groups coming together from organizations working for social transformation, please contact us directly at AhimsaGram by email or phone, +91 9425416058, so that we can engage in dialogue to find a way for your group to attend. You are the people we most want to support in your efforts by offering this event, and we want to remove any barriers we can to your attendance.

Since processing the exemptions takes lots of our effort, we would not want to leave it for last minute. Thus we want you to apply for Exemption Applications before Oct 6, 2017 (3 months prior to the start of the event). While we are still intending to consider applications received after October 6, 2017, our ability to engage and be creative is likely to diminish, and we may not find ways of accommodating all applications. This is especially the case if you are not able to cover the accommodations and logistics portion of our requested contribution.

Lodging and Food

This is a residential event, so food and stay will be arranged for the participants for the event. The rooms will be allotted on twin sharing basis. The food will be vegetarian, free from animal products and as much as possible organic. If you have any special requests around food please fill them in the form, and we will try our best to meet them, however, if we can’t we will let you know, so you can find ways to take care of yourself.


We would like to support parents who have children and would like to bring them along at this event. We believe in diversity and creating inter-generational spaces. If you wish to bring your kids, and maybe along with a caretaker, please see the section on Children and Caretakers in our Policies Document and fill the relevant section on the registration form.


Click here to Register. Once you have registered we will send you the bank details for transferring your money. Your registration will be confirmed after receiving your full amount.
Once you have made your payment, we will send you an email for travel and logistics.

Cancellation and Refunds

Click this link to see our policy for cancellation and refunds.


The option to volunteer to make this event happen are available to all, including those who are paying the full amount. In case you think you wish to give time and energy for the event, please share the requested info in the relevant section in the form.


For any queries, email AhimsaGram or call Kunal at +91 9425416058



January 6, 2018
January 13, 2018
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