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The Compass: An Integrative Roadmap Towards Personal, Familial, and Collective Liberation

November 8, 2020 @ 7:30 am - July 25, 2021 @ 9:30 am

An 8-month course involving weekly or bi-weekly 2-hour online sessions on Sundays. (frequency depends on chosen track)

This is the event page for our 2020-2021 Compass Course.  We are currently finalizing the details of our 2021-2022 course (Sundays, Nov. 2021 – July 2022) and will update this page when we are complete.  If you’d like to receive an email at that time, in early September, please share your name and email address here.  

“The Compass” is Arnina Kashtan’s unique methodology which synthesizes practices from Nonviolent Communication, The Work of Byron Katie, and Inner Child work with Arnina’s own discoveries, insights, and tools to support you in moving beyond old patterns of guilt, shame, anger, and fear…into freedom and an untapped celebration of who you really are, while influencing and accompanying others in their liberation journeys.

Please click here for a glimpse of an in-person Compass Retreat and if after reading through the information on this page, you are undecided about registering for the full course, we invite you to sign up for the first session (FREE), and see if it is a good fit for you.  (You may request a link to the recording via email to Heather@BayNVC.org.)

“I offer you a deep, radical process of Truth, Compassion, and Courage, to uncover the essence of your Being and Presence while transforming your personal, familial and professional relationships in unprecedented ways.”  

~ Arnina Kashtan

The Compass will support you in:

  • Discovering the hidden root of your suffering by understanding the collective indoctrination leading to it
  • Accessing your authentic core and experience a new sense of Presence in the world
  • Transforming painful, non-serving thinking into compassionate consciousness
  • Healing old wounds, scars, painful contracts, and inner voices
  • Ending the “double life” by removing your masks so you can be who you really are and support others in seeing their own true self
  • Discovering the acquired identity with which you show up in the world versus what you’ve hidden deep inside, even from yourself
  • Dissolving “The Vow” that keeps you stuck
  • Learning how to quickly recover when you temporarily fall back into old patterns
  • Awakening into a larger field of awareness by understanding the influence of systems around us and igniting new strategies and ways of being

The Compass online is divided into two modalities of learning and deepening the methodology, according to your area of ​​interest: Personal Evolution and Coaching-Accompanying.


This modality is for those who want to learn from The Compass, experience it, and integrate it into their lives on a deep level. Aimed at anyone who seeks to know more about themselves, heal emotional wounds, transform and create authentic and caring relationships.

Frequency: A virtual session every two weeks.



This is the more intensive modality, for those who feel called, not only to learn this methodology but also to share it with others. Regardless of whether you already work as a coach or therapist, or if you wish to start this journey, or simply want to support others in your life, this modality will open up new horizons to be able to integrate the tool and open the possibility to share it with others.

Within the Coaching Track, there is an option for professional certification.  For this, you will also need to attend an in-person retreat (Online in 2021 if Covid-19 restrictions are in place) with Arnina and some written work about your own experience with The Compass including a summary of coaching work you have done with others.

Frequency: One virtual session every week.


What is learned in The Compass course?

1. The Human Journey – The Loss (From Essence to Identity)

  • The process of human development from the perspective of “The Compass”
  • Survival mechanisms and the process of personal identity formation
  • The model of the “Triangles” – the “Star of Life” and Security or Freedom as the two survival options in the development process
  • The old game – the Ruling of Fear:
    • The internal and external mechanism
      • Steps that lead to the loss of connection to Essence
      • Anger, shame, and guilt as the main tools
    • Fear and separation – hiding from ourselves and from others
      • The hierarchical structure (more or less “valuable”)
      • Competition and wars as a basis for existence
      • Language as a symptom of thought and as a key to block the essence and the real connection between people

2. Healing (From Identity to Essence)

  • Transformation of conscience and language
  • The Seven Gates to Transformation
  • The Triangle of Relations
  • Transforming patterns of thought and behavior
  • Connection to bodily sensations
  • Listening out
  • Identification of life beliefs/vows
  • The Liberation

3. Becoming an Accompanist / Coach-Therapist / Leader

  • Empathy as a tool for life and work
  • Diagnosis, identification, and understanding of beliefs and vows
  • Transforming patterns
  • Tools for flexible assertiveness
  • A confident and secure presence
  • Navigate – even not “knowing” anything – without being alarmed
  • To be able to live with courage and vulnerability

Session Details

  • Virtual sessions will be held on Sundays, 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. (Pacific Time) via Zoom
  • November 8, 2020 – July 25, 2021
  • Detailed schedule here
  • This online program is being offered on the following sliding scales to include as many people as possible while also giving participants an opportunity to support Arnina’s sustainability:
    • Personal Track (2-hour sessions every other week, 34 hours of instruction):
      • For deepening individual processes
      • $950 – $1,350
    • Coaching Track (2-hour weekly sessions, 66 hours of instruction):
      • For becoming a Compass Coach-Therapist or simply to deepen your personal capacity to accompany and support others in their journeys of self-discovery
      • $1,350 – $1,950
      • A certificate option is available for those who participate in the coaching track and participate in person at a Compass Retreat.  (Due to COVID-19, an online intensive will be offered in lieu of an in-person retreat. The dates are yet to be determined.)


To register please use the drop-down box below to select the track you are signing up for and then enter the amount you are paying in the “My payment is” box and complete this registration form as well to receive confirmation of your enrollment and the link to access the class. Thank you.

My payment is USD

Creating a sliding scale supports the sustainability of the teachings and the teacher. It also supports those without the financial capacity to participate. If you have the resources to do so please consider contributing on the higher end of the scale.

If making a one-time payment within the sliding scale presents a barrier to your participation, we invite you to pay the tuition in three or six-month installments.  Please contact us here to set up a plan that would work well for you.  For those for whom this would still present a barrier to your participation, we invite you to reach out to explore other options.  We do have partial scholarships available.

Please click here to review our cancellation policy.

Disclaimer: Arnina Kashtan is not a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or counselor nor are her assistants.  The Compass course is not a substitute for therapy or professional mental health services.


If you have any questions, please email Heather Austin, BayNVC Event Coordinator and Compass Liaison.


TEDx: Speaking the Unspoken Conversation

Tikkun Article: Parenting Without Obedience


“My sister Arnina puts together so much — systemic perspective, compassion for trauma, deep understanding about how humans function, and more — into a comprehensive, deep, and fully accessible framework that supports dramatic shifts in the experience of being alive. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a passion for freedom.” ~ Miki Kashtan

“The compass course is vital to anyone serious about transcending trauma and/or becoming certified as a trainer of nonviolent communication (NVC).” ~ Monica Espinoza

“Arnina’s depth, skills, sense of humor, and ability to articulate so many nuances so clearly are a gift for anyone seeking greater inner peace, freedom, and a kinder relationship with oneself and others.” ~ Kristi Dee Doden

“Arnina builds a space of trust, compassion, and connection with the participants, enabling us to cultivate a community for long term learning and companionship.” ~ Fernanda Cecin

“Working with The Compass has increased my capacity to be the change I want to see in the world!  I’ve enjoyed a sense of living more authentically and showing up much more enthusiastically “on purpose” in all areas of my life. Thank you for sharing this incredible gift.” ~ Heather Austin

“I feel more free, more alive, more motivated and empowered.” ~ Claudia Sánchez

“I appreciate the way individual experiences are used to create a structure for teaching universally. I liked the length of the course, too; a longer time frame seems right for absorbing these complicated ideas. I am newly aware of choices there are in how I speak to myself, and even though it is a momentous challenge to change, I am hopeful in going forward.” ~ Marge Margulies

“I so appreciate what I got to know about myself and my core beliefs. I needed to learn to accept, to understand, to be, and to love. Paradoxically, it is so freeing! My core beliefs are no longer my enemies, more like old (and sometimes dear) friends.” ~ Paula Rossi




November 8, 2020 @ 7:30 am
July 25, 2021 @ 9:30 am
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