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(FREE Workshop) The Compass to Living and Loving Beyond Right/Wrong Thinking: Uncovering the Unconscious Connection Between Anger, Resentment, Guilt & Forgiveness

August 21, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

The Compass” is Arnina Kashtan’s unique methodology which synthesizes practices from Nonviolent Communication, The Work of Byron Katie, and Inner Child work with Arnina’s own discoveries, insights, and tools to support you in moving beyond old patterns of guilt, shame, anger, and fear…into freedom and an untapped celebration of who you really are, while influencing and accompanying others in their liberation journeys.

“I offer you a deep, radical process of Truth, Compassion, and Courage, to uncover the essence of your Being and Presence while transforming your personal, familial, and professional relationships in unprecedented ways.”  ~ Arnina Kashtan

When we find ourselves hurting or being hurt by another human being – especially within the family (our children or parents) – four of our familiar social habits are anger, resentment, guilt, and asking for forgiveness (or “having to” extend it). 

During this experiential workshop

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the roots of anger, resentment, and guilt, as well as the strategy of forgiveness (hint: they come from the same origin…), and experience the art of moving beyond their grip into the field of presence, vulnerability, and true care. 

We’ll also explore

  • Why these emotions are necessary
  • How they hold us prisoners in ways that act against our deepest needs, especially within our families 
  • What the hidden desire is underneath forgiveness
  • Where our immense liberating power resides (hint: beyond these repetitive habits)
  • How to re-introduce presence and compassion in their relationships and thus enhance transformation

Practical learning tools from The Compass

  • The Cement (Beliefs, patterns, vows) that separates us from our essence
  • The Glue that holds us frozen in repeating situations 
  • The Four Keys of LOVE that help us move towards liberation
  • The Inner Observer mantra to re-connect us with inner choice

A glimpse of The Compass

The Compass experience is so unique, it’s challenging to put into words especially on a screen.  You might get a sense of it by watching this two-minute video clip from one of Arnina’s retreats (in Spanish w/English subtitles) or by listening to Juliana, a Compass Alumni, share her experience of The Compass Course.


If you are intrigued or simply curious, we invite you to register here for the Zoom link to our FREE experiential workshop on Sunday, August 21; 8-10 a.m. PT.  (All those who register will receive a link to the recording within a week of the workshop.)

Please support us in enriching the learning space by inviting your friends and family to our experiential workshop and to our upcoming parenting course as well…

The Heart of Parenting: Cultivating Compassion for Our Children, Ourselves, and Our World

(Hosted by NVC Academy and co-facilitated by Heather Austin.)  Arnina Kashtan & Heather Austin

Saturdays, 8-10 a.m. Pacific Time, September 3 – October 1, 2022 (Time Zone Converter)

***  Register before August 13th to enjoy the 20% Early Bird Special ***


If you have any questions, please email Heather Austin, BayNVC Event Coordinator.


TEDx: Speaking the Unspoken Conversation

Tikkun Article: Parenting Without Obedience

A Sample of Compass Materials:

About Arnina Kashtan

Arnina Kashtan, International Certified NVC trainer (1992), is the creator of “The Compass”, an integral roadmap for personal, familial & collective liberation, and author of “Falling in Love with Myself Again” (2016). Founder of Meitarim, the Center for The Compass & NVC Studies in Israel (2000), she delivers workshops and trainings internationally, online & offline, to the general public, as well as vocational trainings for coaches, mediators & trainers (in Hebrew, English & Spanish).

Arnina’s passion and special gifts are in enhancing breakthroughs in awareness, thus bringing forth deep transformations on all levels. Her unique approach combines a profound, laser-like exploration into our innermost core, supported by a rare sense of humor and embedded in deep, embracing empathy. The emerging almost magical space she creates has enabled her students all over the world to open up into new understandings and embark on a fresh, compassionate, and expanding free path.


“You [Arnina] accompanied me very lovingly to ‘see my son’ and I saw him! Wonderful. …and you helped me see my daughter in all her beauty, without wanting to change her. Thank you so much for sharing your vital wisdom and for bringing light and clarity where it was tangled and dark. My gratitude cannot be expressed in words.” ~ Marta Delgado

“My sister Arnina puts together so much — systemic perspective, compassion for trauma, deep understanding about how humans function, and more — into a comprehensive, deep, and fully accessible framework that supports dramatic shifts in the experience of being alive. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a passion for freedom.” ~ Miki Kashtan

“Arnina supported a shift toward including myself fully in caring for the whole, that resonates in all areas of my being.” ~ Vesta Kroese

“Heather has given me clarity around dynamics that contribute to strengthening a heartfelt connection with my children. She has offered me practical strategies to transform patterns of reactivity into behaviors that are more aligned with my values.” ~ Grace Deckers 

“I enjoy Arnina’s authenticity, strength, and own flavor bringing NVC into the world. I feel more free, more alive, more motivated and empowered.” ~ Claudia Sánchez 

“I am deeply touched and inspired by the way in which Arnina has evolved and woven multiple consciousness modalities into such a clear roadmap. Arnina’s depth, skills, sense of humor, and ability to articulate so many nuances so clearly are a gift for anyone seeking greater inner peace, freedom, and a kinder relationship with oneself and others.” ~ Kristi Dee Doden

“Heather is able to widen any circle of awareness, bringing in what is not easily seen in our parent-children relationships. Heather is connected to her innate care for others, and with her, I feel seen, heard, and understood in my challenges as a mother. She has inspired me with her commitment to walk the path of compassion.” ~ Fernanda Cecin

“I am newly aware of choices there are in how I speak…and even though it is a momentous challenge to change, I am hopeful in going forward.”  ~ Marge Margulies

“The compass course is vital to anyone serious about transcending trauma and/or becoming certified as a trainer of nonviolent communication (NVC).” ~ Monica Espinoza

“Heather es una persona que se entrega sin límites, sin juicios, es un ser lleno de compasión, amor, empatía, y resiliencia. Tiene la capacidad de dar su presencia incondicional para…acompañar padres en su jornada de crianza.” ~ Carolina Zamorano 





August 21, 2022
8:00 am - 10:00 am
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Visiting Trainer Arnina Kashtan