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NVC for Social Change: Navigating Systemic Issues with Compassion

November 23, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Can NVC be used to create meaningful social change? Absolutely! Using NVC both personally and systemically enables you to:

  • Intimately understand the relationship between personal healing and social change;
  • Navigate difficult social situations with love, understanding, and compassion;
  • Create more equitable processes within your community and network;
  • Work effectively with issues involving power and privilege; and much more.

So, what exactly is it that we need to do to shift from an individual viewpoint to a systemic one – while maintaining an NVC framework?

That is what we will be covering in the upcoming course, NVC for Social Change: Navigating Systemic Issues with Compassion.

I have been delving deeply into this topic for over 15 years – ever since the first time I heard an African American couple ask how NVC deals with power and privilege at a retreat I was attending. At the time, there were no satisfactory answers…

I believe that together we can change that. We can craft new and better answers that work for all of us.

Along the way you will:

  • Explore – and learn how to effectively share – the relationship between personal healing and social change
  • Experience a sense of deep clarity around the ways power and privilege impact your life and the lives of those you interact with;
  • Receive tools designed to help you create equitable systems in your local community;
  • Enjoy a greater sense of compassion for the many different ways of being in the world.


Join me for this growth-filled, rich, and thought-provoking exploration of the myriad ways our familiar NVC framework can be used to support meaningful, systemic change.

Sign up today, and let’s get started.

8 Mondays, October 5 – November 23, 9a – 11am, PDT



Roxy Manning
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