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NVC for All – Learn to Share NVC While Attending to Power Differences

May 1, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Are you an NVC enthusiast who would like support in sharing NVC in a way that attends to the needs of people who have been historically marginalized? Join this inaugural “Train the Trainer” series. You will meet with Roxy biweekly for 8 sessions on Sundays starting in February to experience a foundational NVC curriculum originally developed by Roxy for and with the Freedom Project. Unpack the theory driving the curriculum to build your awareness of specific issues encountered in communities with less access to power. You will also use this curriculum to concurrently facilitate your own group of learners. After each session you facilitate you will have an opportunity to reflect with Roxy and your fellow trainers about what worked well and challenges based on your group’s context.

Class size will be limited to support in depth engagement and coaching.


Receive Targeted Support for Your Growth as a Trainer

Once people experience the life-serving effects of NVC for themselves, they often feel called to share NVC in their communities. Both experienced and novice trainers express needing more direct support and feedback about their teaching styles and facilitation skills in order to offer meaningful and responsive learning experiences for all in their communities.

Over 8 sessions, trainers will assess and develop their capacities to:

  • Acknowledge and adapt their NVC teaching to meet people where they are, taking into account social conditioning based on gender, race, ethnicity, and other indicators of historical oppression
  • Navigate the gap between their intentions as a trainer and the unintended impact that their actions may have on historically excluded and minoritized communities
  • Let go of traditional power-over teacher-student paradigms and instead acknowledge and elicit the wisdom of the room
  • Identify and address when they are teaching from a lens that prioritizes certain ways of being over others
  • Explore strategies to respond to concerns about NVC’s applicability to participant’s contexts and capacity to attend to social inequities, even when the concerns are beyond the trainer’s own current level of understanding of systemic issues
  • Collaborate with and receive support from a teaching community committed to embodying NVC consciousness in a way that honors and meets needs for those most impacted by systemic inequities

Structure of the Course

  • Each trainer will organize their own 8-session introductory course that runs concurrently with this offering (Read below for additional guidelines on this.)
  • We encourage trainers to team up and co-teach, if they would like to do so. If you register early enough we can connect you to other registered trainers for you to gauge whether you are a good fit to co-train.
  • Curriculum, with handouts and slide decks, will be shared with trainers to use in their concurrent course
  • Trainers will receive support to tailor the curriculum based on their teaching contexts and communities
  • Trainers will crowd-source best practices while also taking into account their contexts
  • Each week there will be ample opportunities for trainers to reflect and troubleshoot in community
    • In pods of 3-4 trainers, you will set a weekly time to debrief your sessions and consider how to address any challenges that came up
    • Each pod will choose an area of exploration to be addressed in the larger class by Roxy during the Sunday morning sessions
  • We will meet on Sundays for 5 hours total
    • Morning session 10-12am Pacific: Focus on teaching practices and facilitation skills, inspired by challenge areas identified in your pods
    • Afternoon session: 1:30-4:30pm Pacific: Experience new curriculum for the following week

Weekly Time Commitment

5 live class hours with Roxy per week

2 hours to teach your own course

1.5 hours to meet with your pod

+ any additional prep time you need to be ready to teach and manage your course

Requests for Attendance

Please join this series only if you can commit to attending all afternoon sessions with Roxy. In the afternoon sessions you will experience and unpack the new curriculum for each week in preparation for you to teach it. If you anticipate needing to miss two (2) of the morning facilitation feedback sessions, that is permissible. If you anticipate needing to miss more than two of the morning sessions or any of the afternoon sessions, then we recommend you sign up at a later time when you can more fully commit.



Class Meeting Dates and Schedule

Sundays, February 6 – May 29, 2022

  • February 6, 20
  • March 6, 20
  • April 3, 17
  • May 1, 15
  • May 29 (morning session only)

Morning Session, 10am-12pm Pacific (Find your local time)

Lunch, 12pm – 1:30pm Pacific

Afternoon Session, 1:30pm-4:30pm Pacific (Find your local time)


Tuition Rates

Sliding Scale Options

$1400 – Support those with fewer resources to attend

$1200 – Support trainer’s sustainability

$1000 – Requested standard contribution

$800 – Discounted rate

$600 – Scholarship rate


Cancellation Policy

After the curriculum is shared or the program begins, 25% of the fee is not refundable. Prorated refunds of the refundable portion of tuition will be determined through collaborative dialogue.


Recruiting Your Participants

This class is intended to support sharing NVC in all communities including communities that have not been drawn to NVC or been harmed by some ways of sharing NVC. Our recommendation for this practice cohort is that you let participants know that you are teaching this course under supervision as you integrate this new framework. We’d like you to be very transparent with participants about that. As you recruit people, be mindful of how the financial requests you make for your course will impact participation. In this first round of offering this course, we strongly request that you do not seek to enroll folks who have been historically excluded by offering the course by donation. This is to prevent or minimize an experience of being experimented on for your learning benefit. As you become familiar with course material and learn to make it your own, we’d be excited for you to offer the course in a way that can invite participation from all.


Should I charge my participants for the course?

Absolutely. We offer this course on a sliding scale knowing that the bottom of the scale doesn’t fully cover our time, administrative, and technical expenses for putting on the course. Please choose a contribution level on the sliding scale that allows you to care for your sustainability and ours. If you do recruit paying participants for the course you will teach to help cover your tuition expenses, then we ask you to consider signing up for this course at the higher tuition levels.


Curriculum and course materials and recordings

While it is expected that you will teach the curriculum and share materials with your students, we ask that you not share any course materials or recordings with your peers and colleagues. Instead we ask that you direct them to Roxy’s website to gain access to the materials so that they can support Roxy’s sustainability in this work.


Questions can be emailed to alejandra@roxannemanning.com.



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