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From Fear to Freedom – an in-depth 2-day intensivewith Visiting Trainer Arnina Kashtan

October 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am - October 14, 2018 @ 4:00 pm


  • Are you tired of repetitive behaviors, situations or relationships, which you find yourself going back to in spite of all your good intentions and practices?
  • Are you praying to finally “get” and overcome old, painful patterns of thought and action, that lead you nowhere near where you dream to be?
  • Are you longing to live with less and less fear, anger, guilt, or shame?

Well, guess what…

If you’re ready to shake away stuck places, beliefs, and unconscious contracts, which have kept you from flourishing and living with tons more presence, sense of choice, and joy – this workshop is for you!

In these 2 very-intensive days, and with the help of Arnina’s unique guidance and The Compass tools, such as the Star of Life (The Needs Triangles), the Relationship Triangle, The 3 Powers, and The Vow, you will explore and understand the main painful blocks which have been stopping you (and the rest of humanity) from realizing and expressing your authentic truth.

What you might take away

  • A fresh clarity about your hidden blockages – understand, de-code and transform them!!!
  • A different understanding which will fill your cells with an unprecedented sense of self-acceptance
  • A clear way to live with courageous vulnerability within yourself and with others
  • A surprising shift of consciousness through which you can be, feel and live – who you really are (with others as well)

If you’ve been to one of Arnina’s workshops in the past, you know you are in for an amazing transformational treat. Her passion for true self-talk, her utterly compassionate and relentless inquiry process, her own vast experience, her laser-like wisdom and endless empathy, all these accompanied by that rare sense of connecting humor, make working with her a refreshing experience of love, understanding, and true healing.

This From Fear to Freedom workshop, composed of The Compass tools and practices, will be your opportunity to experience the special liberating power of this exciting approach.

Arnina will support you in discovering the path to understand, decode and transform your past, by untangling unconscious inner knots & multi-generational conditioning, and “push” you to reclaim the lost connection to your authentic self. As a result of this profound work, the re-connection with your deepest Needs, Dreams, and Aspirations might be deeper than you’ve ever experienced.

Bring your questions, pains, and conflicts, your doubts, fears, guilt, and shame. They WILL TRANSFORM.


Saturday, October 13, 10am – 7pm
Sunday, October 14, 9am – 4pm


Canticle Farm
1972 36th Ave, (directly behind 1978)
Oakland, 94601.
Parking is difficult. We encourage people to BART and/or carpool. The closest Bart Station is Fruitvale. Please do not block driveways with your vehicles.
We will send out a detailed instructions email to all of the participants.

Cost / Registration

This workshop is being offered on a sliding scale basis, $525-$375.
Please contact Arnina if paying the low end of the scale would be a hardship and prevent your participation.
To register, please pay at least a $100 deposit up to a full tuition amount using the paypal buttons below.

OR pay an alternative amount USD

If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, or need to make an alternative payment agreement,  please email Arnina .


Please bring your own lunch and/or items to share with others. We will have a dedicated lunch break, but not a dinner one, so bring extra food if our evening end time is later than comfortable for your dinner time.

About Arnina

Arnina’s passion is one of learning and teaching to speak authentically beyond limiting beliefs and emotions. She is an international facilitator and a Certified Trainer with CNVC (since 1992), as well as a senior facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie (since 1998). She has led workshops, seminars, and retreats in Israel, the US and Europe. In 2000 Arnina founded Meitarim, the Center for EMET (Love, Consciousness and NVC) in Israel, which leads workshops, consultations and mediations for individuals, families, groups, and organizations. Her quest eventually evolved into The Compass – a comprehensive & integrative process for personal, familial, professional, and social liberation, which synthesizes and transcends both NVC and The Work.

As part of her mission to bring the consciousness of courage and compassion to the world, she has been leading a 2-year Training for Trainers program in Israel, now in its seventh year, training people to become NVC & The Compass coaches, mediators and trainers.

Her background as a musician, combined with her being a published writer and poet, translator, and editor, have been key contributions to her passionate encounters with a variety of audiences across the world. To know her more, you can watch her TEDx talk on Speaking the Unspoken Conversation. A unique combination of these two modalities into a method of deep self-discovery, empowerment and leadership.

Some of Arnina’s words about her process, The Compass.

Along the process of untangling the unconscious inner knots we will look at the masks we learned to put in order to hide our Fear, Guilt, Shame and Anger, those main forces which keep blocking us, reinforced by our internalized life-beliefs, and which get us stuck in old habits and patterns for many years of suffering.  

The Compass, which was born out of my own life experiences – what I’ve learned, discovered, and developed, is a comprehensive & integrative process that opens the door to breaking through those limiting forces and transforming our personal, family, professional and social relationships.

Not only will you learn to understand your own and others’ multi-generational conditioning, but also manage to reclaim the lost connection to your authentic self by releasing you from layers of unconscious world-views, patterns, beliefs and (what I call) The Vow. As a result of this profound work, the re-connection with your deepest Needs, Dreams, and Aspirations will be deeper than you’ve ever experienced”.




October 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am
October 14, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
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Visiting Trainer Arnina Kashtan