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Focused Discussion Jumpstartwith Roxy Manning and Visiting Trainer Lisa Rothman

July 20 - July 26











Discover Easy-To-Implement Strategies…

For Saving Hours of Time in Meetings, Having More Focused Discussions, and Reaching Collaborative Decisions That Lead to Lasting, Positive Change

“I love long Zoom meetings!” said nobody ever.

But long Zoom meetings may be your current reality.  

By investing about ten minutes a day for five days, you can save hours of unproductive meeting time!

Have you ever felt frustrated because

  • You were confused about what the group was trying
    to accomplish?
  • You had an idea to share but by the time it was your turn to speak the group had moved on to other things?
  • Your colleagues talked past each other and spoke at great length without saying anything new?
  • People kept complaining about what wasn’t working rather than figuring out what could solve the problem? 

When what you really wanted was to make progress on a project, campaign or issue?

Then you’re in the right place!

Join this free Focused Discussion Jump Start. We’ll send you a short video every day for five days with practical strategies, a bite-sized assignment and the opportunity to participate in online discussion, followed by a live Question and Answer Session to address your collaborative decision making challenges. Reserve a spot to get targeted support for your specific group decision making challenges.

You’ll learn practical strategies that can keep the group on track with the task at hand and help make collaborative decisions that stick in much less time.

Focused Discussion Jumpstart

“The strategies I experienced Roxy and Lisa using at the meeting I attended helped focus the discussion and save time while encouraging collaboration.  Learning these skills would be worthwhile.” — Sam Davis, Oakland Parent Activist and School Board Candidate

We have decades of experience facilitating meetings in all sorts of settings –  community groups, nonprofit organizations and corporations.  We’ve both endured plenty of meetings in which unfocused discussion squandered a group’s energy.  In some cases the end result was nothing getting done or – at the other extreme – the person in power forcing through a decision without the buy-in of the people affected by it. 

We knew there had to be a better way.  So we studied something called Convergent Facilitation – a methodology created by our friend and colleague Miki Kashtan.   She’s used them to craft legislation around a polarized issue that eventually received bipartisan support.  It provides a pathway to collaborative decisions that don’t come at the expense of efficiency.  It’s a three phase process involving a number of skills.  Some are simple and some take more practice. 

In Focused Discussion Jumpstart, we’re going to teach a few of the strategies that are easiest to implement and that are especially helpful in keeping a discussion on track.  And the beauty of them is that they don’t come at a cost to collaboration. We know how important Focused Discussion is for a successful meeting that results in decisions that stick.  Many of the strategies we use and teach are featured in Miki Kashtan’s forthcoming book Highest Common Denominator:  Using Convergent Facilitation to Reach Breakthrough Decisions.  She’s used them to craft legislation around a polarized issue that eventually received bipartisan support.   We can’t wait to share the strategies we use with you!




July 20
July 26
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