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IN-PERSON – “COMMUNICATION RESET” – A Daylong “Playshop” in Berkeley, CA

September 16 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Communication Reset!

Sep. 16 (daylong, Saturday)

10 am – 5 pm


Sliding Scale from: $100 (“Early Bird”) to $160, with an admin fee from Eventbrite.

Please contact newt@communicationdojo.com  if the price is an obstacle, as we can often offer partial or full scholarships



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Note: We encourage you to register soon to ensure your space. When this class has reached its capacity, we will begin a waiting list. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with logistical information about the event.

“I gained so many insights about myself and learned many skills on how to connect with people better. Now I have the wisdom and tools to achieve what my heart truly desires – connection. Thanks for the gifts, Newt.”
– Participant from a previous offering of this playshop, June 2016, San Francisco


Course Description



Our bodies “speak” to us through emotions, sensations and movements. 

It’s as if your body is attempting to draw your attention to what is most important to you, to what matters, to what you are missing or longing for. We’d like to help you to hear what your body is saying and to let its messages guide you to understand and resolve conflicts and live more connected, joyful lives.

Your body is trying to communicate with you during moments of tension and conflict with others, when you might resort to the familiar habits of raised voices, accelerated speech, repetitiveness and finger-pointing.

Your body is murmuring away if you’re in relationships that are simply “flat,” relationships that may not be full of angry outbursts, but are also not full of aliveness, fun or connection. In this quieter kind of the relationship your body’s communication might be more subtle, but it’s still quietly trying to get your attention.

If you don’t get the message, the signal often gets turned up. Perhaps momentary irritation ramps up quickly through annoyance and frustration to anger, for example. Or a period of disappointment or disconnection builds slowly over months into distance, resentment and loneliness – feeling lonely even when you’re around the other person.

At Communication Dojo we provide communication and conflict resolution skills training based on Connected Communication aka Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The skills, awareness and principles of Connected Communication can make a huge difference, but making use of this approach is much easier if you get into the habit of listening and responding to what your body is telling you. 

On September 16th, 2023 we are very excited to be offering our IN-PERSONCOMMUNICATION RESET” daylong playshop, where we’ll be inviting you up out of your seat to make use of movement, play and spontaneous interaction in your learning and practice. 

Involving your body in this way accelerates the sense of getting Connected Communication “in your bones.” Our aim is that you’ll develop greater awareness of what happens inside you when you communicate, and how that affects what you say and how you listen. With that awareness comes the ability to steer yourself in the direction of Connected Communication any time you start to move, quickly or slowly, in the direction of disconnection or conflict. 

We invite you to come join us and are excited to spend the day with you! 

Newt, Leeza & Taj


As soon as you concern yourself with the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weaken and defeat you.— Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido


Some features of the Communication Dojo:

*Efficient use of class time to maximize learning
*High proportion of practice time in pairs – learning communication by communicating.
*Minimal reliance on “jargon” i.e. language that might be confusing or alienating for those not familiar with NVC.
*Little likelihood of people developing any sense of “Doing it wrong” or “Trying to do it right.”

Who’s it for?

If you’re enthusiastic to try a fun, movement- and body-focused way of introducing Connected Communication aka Nonviolent Communication (NVC) into your life, this playshop is for you.

If you’re already using NVC, and would like to get it deeper “in your bones,” this playshop is for you.



About Newt Bailey

Newt’s passion is to help people connect, to experience greater intimacy, and to find the potential for mutually satisfying change that lies within conflict.

Since he started studying NVC in 2005 Newt has set out to understand and share with others the essential core of NVC. He believes strongly in teaching the principles of NVC in a way that frees students from specialized language, and allows facility with connected communication to grow in small, quickly assimilated steps. The Communication Dojo workshops are both a place where Newt teaches the NVC practices and skills he uses in his own life, and also a place where Newt introduces his newest teaching tools, resources and ideas.

Since 2006 Newt has been facilitating NVC groups, leading workshops and retreats, and developing his unique approach in public and organizational settings. Newt also attributes great steps in his personal understanding of NVC to working with prisoners and parolees. He has taught NVC, NVC mediation and NVC coaching across the USA and in Europe.


About Leeza Pesenson

Leeza is passionate about understanding how our minds work and how we connect with each other. She has a Masters in Cognitive Science and works as a User Experience Researcher by day.

Leeza fell madly in love with NVC after attending Newt’s drop-in classes in 2018 and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. She has participated in immersion programs in NVC, Mediation, Conflict Coaching, and Inner Compass work with Oren Sofer, Roxy Manning, John Kinyon, and Arnina Kashtan. Since 2020 Leeza has assisted Newt and organized her own NVC practice and empathy groups. She is overjoyed to be sharing NVC on a larger scale as part of the Communication Dojo team.


Sacred Stream Center, 2149 Byron Street Berkeley, CA 94702


Email newt@communicationdojo.com


See more Communication Dojo video here:
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Newt Bailey
415 694 8798
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Sacred Stream
2149 Byron Street
Berkeley, CA 94702 United States
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