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Compassionate Communication Foundations (16hours)with Kat Nadel

October 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Most of our lives, we have been taught habitual patterns to deal with our upsets – to judge, blame, shame and guilt-trip ourselves and others – to do things out of obligation and duty, rather than willingness and joy. We are taught that in order to keep the peace, we must either comply to the demands of others, or stand our ground despite how others might feel about the impact of our requirements.

If you knew another way – a way in which you could be empowered and still compassionately connected to the people around you – would you choose to stay in habitual patterns that create pain and disconnection in yourself and the world around you? If you’re reading this message, chances are that you are very interested in another way.

We invite you to join us for 16 hours of experiential learning, practicing and integration of a new way of thinking and speaking called Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC).

Learning Objectives
-Have more awareness of your needs, wants and desires.
-Be able to express yourself authentically.
-Have your needs expressed and understood.
-Increase harmony and understanding among others.
-Increase congruence between your values and actions.
-Ask for what you want with confidence.
-Move from reactivity to conscious responsiveness.
-Experience a new way of life in which everyone’s needs CAN be met.
-Make life into a fun, joyful and meaningful adventure!

-Learn what empathy is and why it matters so much.
-Discover the gifts in ALL emotions, including anger.
-Translate the pain of judgments into connection and requests.
-Be able to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty.
-Be able to hear ‘no’ as information towards finding a ‘yes.’
-Practice working with ‘triggers.’


Schedule and Location
3 Saturdays – October 19, November 2 and 16
Location: Agape Bay Area, 3630 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA
***childcare included! available for an additional $20 per child per day)

Optional Online Practice
4 consecutive Wednesdays
12-1pm starting Oct 23
On Zoom video conferencing application


We understand scheduling conflicts may arise. Because the class material builds on itself each session and our intention is to create a stable learning environment, we request that you attend every Saturday class. The Wednesday online practice sessions are optional.


We would prefer if participants have some idea of what NVC is. Recommendations include attending an NVC Introduction and/or reading the beginning of Marshall Rosenberg’s book: Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life and/or visiting www.theexercise.org.


Tuition is on a sliding scale of $325-$575.

If you are able to pay on the higher end of the scale, we would greatly appreciate your contribution. This supports us in continuing this work and offering it to people who have fewer resources.


Early bird bonus – The first 6 participants to register will receive a complimentary 50-min one-on-one NVC coaching session ($100 value)


About Kat
Combined with dance, improv and meditation, Kat’s background in Nonviolent Communication has greatly improved her ability to communicate her own needs in a way that is more frequently heard with understanding and openness. She believes that when we connect to our feelings and our body sensations, we have greater success of transforming and healing our own judgements, blame and shame. Kat brings this quality of awareness into her trainings and day-to-day experience.

To learn more about Kat, visit kat-with-a-k.info/kat-nadel



About Katrina
Katrina Vaillancourt is passionate about compassion and the teachings of Nonviolent Communication™. Katrina is a relationship coach, a certified sexuality educator, co-founder of Love Coach Academy, and creator of Love Smart Cards, an educational and practical application tool she created to aid in the development of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, gratitude, conflict resolution and character building.

Katrina has spent much of the last decade focused on the practice of nonviolent communication in relationships, community and in the workplace. She has led workshops for organizations such the Earth Guardians, the Pachamama Alliance, and the Patrick McCollum Foundation for Peace, bringing her teachings to team building and peace building projects. Through classes, workshops and private coaching to hundreds of couples, individuals and parent/child relationships since 2006, she helps people clear the cobwebs of old hurts, coaching them in critical relationship skills along the way, and empowering her clients to enjoy love and connection that can thrive for a lifetime. She also specializes in working with people recovering from affairs or those considering or practicing open relationships.

Her greatest passion is to make these teachings easily accessible – especially to families, as families create the foundation for a healthy society and a healthy world. Her journey with the Love Smart Cards gives her hope that any parent/child or romantic relationship, can access a thriving and everlasting love.


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October 19, 2019
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Kat Nadel