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Behind The Mask: From Fear to Freedom – an in-depth 2.5-day intensive

October 28, 2016 - October 30, 2016




  • How did we all learn to hide parts of ourselves?
  • What do we not reveal?
  • Where does our authentic self reside? That Essence with which we came to the world?
  • How deeply have we been hurt, that we are so afraid to reach out to others?

And yet…

  • What attracts us to connect … again?
  • What will help us choose ourselves? Life?
  • And how we can influence others to choose themselves? And to build together a world where there is a real encounter with ourselves and with others, listening, giving and heartfelt connection

In her quest, Arnina turned the removal of masks into an art, a profession and a mission. Believing that each one of us holds a hidden diamond inside, she digs deep into discovering what are the conventions, habits, perceptions, beliefs, layers, which we have wrapped our core with and learned to go out into the world well covered by.

The Compass, Arnina’s unique process for personal, familial and social transformation, shows us the way to remove our masks so that we can be who we really are as well as support others in seeing their own true self.

Behind The Mask – From Fear to Freedom workshop, composed of The Compass tools and practices, will be your opportunity to have a taste of this exciting approach.


  • A great opportunity to put an end to your daily struggles with yourself and others.
  • A great opportunity to take your communication skills with yourself and loved ones To the NEXT LEVEL.
  • A great opportunity to dig into the core of your stuckness, DIG IT – and dig yourself out of it once and for a long time

If you’re ready for a truly phenomenal process for you to shake-away old painful patterns, beliefs, and unconscious vows, which have kept you from flourishing and living with tons more presence, sense of choice, and joy – THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

In these 2.5 very-intensive days, and with the help of Arnina’s unique guidance and tools, such as the Star of Life (The Needs Triangles), the Relationships Triangle, The 3 Powers, The 4 Keys, The Vow, and other processes (including NVC, The Work of Byron Katie, and Inner Child work), you will explore and understand the main painful blocks which stop you (and the rest of humanity) from realizing and expressing your authentic truth while showing up courageously and compassionately, influencing those around you.

If you’re ready for a truly phenomenal way for you to shake-away old painful patterns, beliefs, and unconscious contracts, which have kept you from flourishing and living with tons more presence, sense of choice, and joy – this workshop is for you!

What you can take away

  • A fresh clarity about your hidden blockages – understand, de-code and transform them!!!
  • A new sense of self-acceptance which will fill your cells with an unprecedent
  • A clear way to live with courageous vulnerability with yourself and others
  • A surprising shift of consciousness through which you can be, feel and live – who you really are (with others as well)

About the trainer

Some Background about Arnina and The Compass

Arnina Kashtan (sister of Miki and Inbal), a certified NVC trainer, lives and works mostly in Israel, and teaches in Europe and the US as well. After years of deep exploration into Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and The Work of Byron Katie, Arnina has created her own process, called “The Compass”, in which she has woven major elements from these modalities, with targeted processes for self-liberation. This workshop will be based on The Compass process.

If you’ve been to one of Arnina’s workshops in the past, you know you are in for an amazing transformational treat. Her passion for true self-talk, her utterly compassionate and relentless inquiry process, her own vast experience, her laser-like wisdom and endless empathy, all these accompanied by that rare sense of connecting humor, make working with her a refreshing experience of love, understanding, and true healing.

Here is a personal invitation from Arnina to three opportunities in which you can hear her (filmed) and/or join her live:

  1. You can hear more about my personal journey (which eventually gave rise to the birth of The Compass) at my TEDx talk, “Speaking the Unspoken Conversation”.
  1. You can join me for a 7 day retreat, on the same topic as the Oakland workshop, From Fear to Freedom, to be held in Tangelwood Wellness Center in Costa Rica, August 27-September 2, 2016. Pressing on the link will lead you to the retreat information and registration page, on which you can also watch me talk a bit (5 min) about the retreat (& workshop…) topic.
  1. Last but not least – a recording of a free webinar, on this very same topic (From Fear to Freedom). It was hosted by Tanglewood’s founder and lead practitioner for more than 20 years, Loren Lockman, who has helped heal more than 5,000 people in various countries (soon in Israel too…).

Some of Arnina’s words about her process, The Compass.

Along the process of untangling the unconscious inner knots we will look at the masks we learned to put in order to hide our Fear, Guilt, Shame and Anger, those main forces which keep blocking us, reinforced by our internalized life-beliefs, and which get us stuck in old habits and patterns for many years of suffering.  

The Compass, which was born out of my own life experiences – what I’ve learned, discovered, and developed, is a comprehensive & integrative process that opens the door to breaking through those limiting forces and transforming our personal, family, professional and social relationships.

Not only will you learn to understand your own and others’ multi-generational conditioning, but also manage to reclaim the lost connection to your authentic self by releasing you from layers of unconscious world-views, patterns, beliefs and (what I call) The Vow. As a result of this profound work, the re-connection with your deepest Needs, Dreams, and Aspirations will be deeper than you’ve ever experienced”.


October 28, 2016, 5pm-9pm
October 29-30, 10am-6pm


(Please note that there has been a change in location)

Canticle Farm
1972 36th Ave, (directly behind 1978)
Oakland, 94601.
Parking is difficult. We encourage people to BART and/or carpool. The closest Bart Station is Fruitvale. Please do not block driveways with your vehicles.
We will send out a detailed instructions email to all of the participants.


October 28, 2016
October 30, 2016
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