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ONLINE Communication Dojo: “Asking & Receiving, Yes & No”, 4-week coursewith Newt Bailey

May 31 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Live ONLINE Classes!

Tuesdays May 31, Jun 7, 14, 21, 2022 @ 7pm to 9pm (Pacific Time)

Online Classroom open Jun 3, 2022 – Feb 3, 2023 (8 months)

If you cannot attend these live classes, or prefer not to, but you’d still like to participate, please use the “Self-Paced” registration link below to find how you can do that.


Sliding scale financial request for the series: $340 to $170 per person – this means we’d love to receive $340 per person for the series for our own sustainability, and would like to receive a minimum of $170 per person.

If money is an obstacle please write to us at info@communicationdojo.com to ask about partial or full scholarships.


REGISTER HERE FOR 4-WEEK SERIES WITH LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS For you if you’d like to attend the live ONLINE sessions

READ MORE AND REGISTER HERE FOR THE “ONLINE SELF-PACED COURSE” For you if you cannot make it to the live ONLINE sessions but still wish to participate in the course

Please email info@communicationdojo.com if you have questions about registration.

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“Nonviolent communication (or connected communication) has helped me and my partner speak in a much more conscious and effective way. It was a perfect transition and supplement to our prior couples therapy. It helps in every way, at work, with friends, with family, etc. I can’t recommend these classes and Newt as a teacher enough. I wish we all had to take NVC classes in school, it would change the world.”
~ Elise H., San Francisco

“The course is taught by a fantastic instructor from whom I’ve taken multiple classes in the past, Newt Bailey. Newt’s classes are engaging, interactive and packed with actionable tools and insights. I always get a ton out of the practical exercises which cement new learnings right during class time. The material is approachable and taught in bite-sized chunks; plus Newt actively tailors the course to what the class participants are most interested in. During the practice sessions there is even the chance to work on real issues.”
~ frequent Communication Dojo participant, 2019

Course Description

  • Asking for What You Want
  • Turning Awareness of Your Needs into Action
  • Responding to “Yes” and “No”
  • Saying “Yes” and “No” in a Way that Maximizes Connection

What changes do you want to bring to your personal or professional life? What social changes or changes in the world do you want to contribute to? What do you want to ask for? Who are you willing to ask? What stops you asking? What do you want to say “Yes” to, and where is your honest answer a “No”?

Making requests is often necessary if we want to give others the opportunity to support us. The risk of hearing “No” to our requests is one of many reasons we do not ask. Also, when others ask things of us we can be afraid to ever say “No” – thus putting us at risk of growing exhaustion or resentment. In this series we’ll practice making requests, and saying and hearing “No,” in a way that maintains and grows connection between us.

The Communication Dojo

The Communication Dojo is a learning environment designed for everyone, regardless of prior experience with Nonviolent Communication. Now the Communication Dojo approach is being taught as a four week committed series – it’s a great recipe for building skills, knowledge, and community from week to week!

The Communication Dojo approach is inspired in part by teaching from martial arts. Class participants watch a brief demonstration of this structured approach to dialogue and then break into pairs and “learn by doing.”

Participants simply follow a few guidelines while having a conversation on topics of their choosing. Most seem to become quickly at ease with the basic dialogue structure, and can then start to incorporate new skills, principles and awareness at their own pace.

What’s included?

Details of the online classroom for this Communication Dojo 4-week online course workshops:

  • Unique online classroom for each series with:
    • Video recordings from each week’s live class
    • Additional class notes
    • Downloadable PDF handouts
    • Weekly practice requests
    • Extra videos and materials
  • Daily email (optional opt-in) four-week sequence of emails with bonus material:
    • “Life Scripts” i.e. examples of specific dialogues and wording to bring the principles more alive and help you to integrate them
    • Videos
    • Articles
    • Quotations/Poetry/Readings to capture the essence of the topic
  • Homework/Practice requests after each of the 4 live classes
  • Opportunity to form ongoing practice relationship with other students
  • More week-to-week support in overcoming obstacles and forming new communication habits

Who’s it for?

Experienced with NVC? – Do you sometimes find that your attempts to use NVC do not lead to the connection you want? Perhaps they even lead to greater disconnection? Or are you looking for a different kind of NVC learning environment for friends, family members, or colleagues you really want to introduce to the power and potential of NVC.

New to NVC? – Come try out the Communication Dojo. You’ll find that whatever your current approach to communication, you can start from that point and expand your range of options from there at a rate that suits you.

About the Training Team

About Newt Baileynewtbailey
Newt’s passion is to help people communicate with each other more deeply, to experience greater intimacy, and to find the potential for mutually-satisfying change that lies within conflict.

From his first training in 2005 Newt has set out to understand and share with others the essential core of NVC. He believes strongly in teaching the principles of NVC in a way that frees students from specialized language, and allows facility with connected communication to grow in small, quickly assimilated steps. The Communication Dojo has been Newt’s testing ground for his latest ideas and approaches, and he is now bringing it to BayNVC.

Since 2006 Newt has been facilitating NVC groups, and leading intro classes and class series like Foundations 1, Foundations 2, and his own Communication Dojo classes, in public and organizational settings, and with prisoners and parolees. He is also on the teaching team of John Kinyon’s NVC Mediation yearlong programs, most recently co-leading a yearlong program in Poland.


About Leah Sheldon
Leah G. Sheldon is a communication coach, mediator, and trainer based in San Francisco. She brings a deep sense of presence, balance, and humor into all of her work, along with a focus on mindfulness practices and body awareness.

Leah especially enjoys working with clients in preparing for difficult conversations, conflict coaching, and NVC skills development. The practice of Nonviolent Communication has enriched Leah’s life since her first introductory course back in 2010 with Newt, and she is delighted to help others find more ease and choice in the way they talk and think.


“I really enjoyed the instant feedback telling me how my words were impacting my partner.”
“The real power point is reporting on what’s happening in the moment.”
“I think I just broke through my habit of being hard on myself!”
“I saw how mistaken I often am about whether I really ‘get’ the other person, or they get me – this process allowed us to see that and really get each other.”


Online workshop


Email newt@communicationdojo.com


See Communication Dojo video here:
See more of Newt here:



Newt Bailey
415 694 8798
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