Basic Handout for Convergent Facilitation

One of Miki Kashtan's core offerings in the world is the process of Convergent Facilitation which she developed to apply the principles of NVC to the task of supporting groups in making collaborative decisions. This process has been used in dozens of settings by now, and has proven

“Conflict Hotline” DVD

Berkeley Community Television broadcast 22 episodes of "The Conflict Hotline," a monthly television show featuring Miki Kashtan and other BayNVC trainers. A Conflict Coach, usually Miki, guided the other trainers through role-plays to support callers and other viewers in learning about using NVC for resolving

“NVC in Action” Two-CD Set

Many of you have heard Miki’s radio program “The Conflict Hotline,” the call-in radio show that aired on KPFA between 2004 and 2006. We are very excited to announce that excerpts from this radio show are now available in a two-CD set. We picked a

Materials for Principle Based Teachings

Materials for Principle Based Teaching When many people first learn NVC, they become so enthusiastic about the possibilities they see unfolding, that they immediately try to put it to use everywhere. Often enough, the results can be disastrous, such that other people become deeply suspicious of