Basic Handout for Convergent Facilitation

One of Miki Kashtan‘s core offerings in the world is the process of Convergent Facilitation which she developed to apply the principles of NVC to the task of supporting groups in making collaborative decisions. This process has been used in dozens of settings by now, and has proven robust. While we are awaiting the possibility of finding a publisher for the manuscript Miki has written, we are making available to folks who want a basic introduction a packet that provides the core principles and flow of Convergent facilitation.

This packet begins to demonstrate how to put into practice the core principles that make convergence possible:

  • It is surprisingly and reliably possible, often easy, to find agreements on principles in the midst of disagreements on positions.
  • When we trust that our needs and concerns matter, and understand the needs and concerns of others, we can feel the difference between compromise and shift.
  • While we may only encompass a narrow range of solutions on the basis of preference, we can embrace a wider range on the basis of willingness.
  • We become amazingly creative when we transcend either/or frames and aim instead for solutions that work for everyone.

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