Supporting Bay NVC

Your willingness to support us means we can move towards disconnecting the meeting of needs from people’s access to money.

  • We aim to make all of our classes, workshops, retreats, and long-term programs accessible to people regardless of means.
  • We support NVC training and outreach to incarcerated people, to parents, and to non-profit and human-service agencies, through pro bono or reduced fees.
  • We leverage our impact, through partnering with regional and national organizations aligned with our vision and mission.

You can choose to donate to specific BayNVC projects here, or use the button below to give towards everything we do.

We are grateful for your support in this, and so many other ways.


Please mail checks made payable to BayNVC (with “donation” written in the memo line) to:


PO Box 22872

Oakland, CA 94609


Have questions? We’d love to hear from you. Email the Resource Coordinator at
Financial contributions are tax deductible. Bay Area Nonviolent Communication is a non-profit corporation. Federal Tax ID 20-1329504

Five reasons to donate to BayNVC:

  1. You understand that practicing human kindness means helping some of the most disenfranchised in our society — men and women in prison — gain the skills they need to choose peace in the most difficult situations.   Our 12-year old Safer Communities project reaches more than 400 men and women in prison and jails each year.


  1. You believe in the transformative power of an organization that has developed leaders working to create peace on five continents. Our 13-year-old Leadership Program has given more than $50,000 of tuition-free training to leaders from many countries.


  1. You look forward to going to work each morning since BayNVC helped your workplace become more truly collaborative while increasing efficiency.  Our approach to group facilitation has led to unprecedented shifts in how organizations and legislative groups can work together. Read about our Minnesota Project for more inspiration.


  1. You are excited to learn that BayNVC is developing a comprehensive, new, self-study guide, incorporating video, audio, and booklets, which will make the gift of NVC accessible to people who can’t attend regular trainings, such as parents of small children, people in developing countries, and more.


  1. You want to support BayNVC’s unique role as a living, growing organization that models NVC in action as we implement our mission of creating a world where everyone’s needs matter.