Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice Retreat

NVC: A Language of Compassion That Can Help Us Walk the Talk of Critical Social Justice

The Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice Retreat aims both to cultivate greater critical awareness of how certain institutional/social structures and power dynamics serve to divide and dehumanize us, and to support the healing, transformation, and strengthening of our compassionate connection with each other, especially across our differences.

Why attend?

1. Gain tools for ongoing personal healing (internal).

2. Build skills for empowered communication to strengthen human relationships (interpersonal).

3. Develop daily practices to transform the way you relate and interact with others in support of social justice – in organizations, agencies, companies, and institutions (institutional).

Our Goals

Grounded in principles of  nonviolence and Nonviolent Communication, at this seven-day retreat, we hope to:

Raise awareness

Raise awareness about systemic oppression (subtle and overt)


Explore how existing power dynamics in North American society, including economic and political structures, impact our ability to connect with our own and others’ full humanity


Examine, through a new lens, the real wounds and societal messages we have received about our own and others’ race, ethnicity, and social class and begin to find ways to heal and move past the impact of those experiences and messages;


Learn and deepen our practice of concrete communication skills that can support authentic connections across race, ethnicity, and class barriers;


Understand how to deepen our connections with others, regardless of their background, through authentic, honest, and compassionate communication;


Identify effective strategies to support engagement with those  working within the systems of power in North America;


Share with each other the practices and strategies that support the building and strengthening of organizations and communities focused on creating transformative social change

The retreat leadership team is committed to introducing the tools of nonviolence to all people, of all races, ethnicities, and economic levels.  We want everyone to have the capacity to integrate these tools as a daily practice, so we can collectively create a world where everyone’s needs matter.

We aim to create a retreat environment that inspires a community process of exploring, examining, and practicing tools based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication that contribute to greater cultural competency, awareness, and empowerment.

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