Our Trainers

Who we are
We are a collective of independent NVC trainers offering classes and services through BayNVC. As independent contractors, we are not employees or agents of BayNVC, are not supervised by BayNVC, and are not authorized to act on behalf of BayNVC.


How to Contact us
We work together as a collaborative to determine who is best suited to meet the needs of the requests we receive for training and services.


Workshops and classes: See our upcoming events here.


NVC trainings and services: For private trainings and other services (mediation, coaching, etc) please contact our entire group by filling out our contact form. Include any and all information that may be relevant to your request.


Specific Trainers: If you are seeking a trainer with specific experience or skills, we invite you to email that person directly. If you want to email multiple trainers, please email all of us in one email, which helps us coordinate how to best meet your needs.


Organizational work: If you are looking for a trainer for ongoing organizational work, and you have contacted either BayNVC or the Center for Efficient Collaboration, there is no need to contact the other organization. We work closely together and share referrals freely.