How to Create Goals You’ll Actually Meet

As the year comes to a close, if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to think about next year: What will 2021 look like? Especially as we’re still navigating the pandemic, is it even possible to plan for the future? Is it even worth it

Grief – It’s Not Just For Death

There is so much information out on the internet right now on ways we can adapt, evolve, and innovate with each other in our new realities. A dear friend of mine exclaimed she has connection overload! And me, well, I'm personally tired of everyone telling

3 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me About NVC

Eight months ago my husband and I welcomed an adorable baby boy whom we named Sol. Transitioning into parenthood has been a whirlwind -- lots of changes and novelty as we navigate this new territory. There has been a lot of learning about life, our

Strike While The Iron Is Cold

Have you ever gotten really angry about something and realized later that the trigger was quite trivial? Have you, in hindsight, asked yourself this question: “Why did that bother me so much, so fast?” Andre Igoudala, basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, was once hit