Collaborative Trainer; Lead Trainer, BayNVC Immersion Program
510-433-0700 , ext 226

Kathy Simon has been practicing NVC since 1995. She has led the Living Peace retreat and the BayNVC Immersion Program since 2009, and she especially appreciates the chance to work with a small, warm community of dedicated practitioners. Along with the Immersion Program, Kathy also leads NVC trainings for organizations and works privately with individuals, parents, and couples to find more ease and authenticity in their communication. A former high school English and drama teacher, Kathy supervised student teachers at Stanford University and co-directed the Coalition of Essential Schools, a nonprofit school reform organization. Kathy is the author of Moral Questions in the Classroom and co-author of other books on education and school reform.  Kathy holds a B.A. in Literature from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Education from Stanford. Kathy’s wife, Inbal Kashtan, of blessed memory, was a co-founder of BayNVC. Kathy lives in Oakland with their 17 year old son.

Training Opportunities with Kathy:

2017 Living Peace Retreat
2017 BayNVC Immersion Program

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