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NVC Programs for Individuals and Organizations

Nonviolent Communication can dramatically improve our relationships by helping us focus our attention on
1) Empathic understanding of others without compromising our own values, and
2) Expressing our real feelings and needs openly and honestly, yet without blame or criticism.


Individuals and Families

Many individuals, couples, and families approach us because they want to learn how to apply NVC in their own lives. People often find that working individually with BayNVC trainers offers an accelerated path of healing and learning.

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Organizations and Groups

Many organizations today face increased challenges resulting from economic pressures, the imperative of innovation, and growing interest in shifting from authority-based structures to collaborative structures and relationships.


Who We Are

BayNVC supports individuals, families, organizations, and leaders.

Social Change Project

Miki Kashtan, BayNVC co-founder, is one of the leading voices in the NVC community asking how social systems change.

Classes and Events

Find upcoming classes and events led by BayNVC trainers.

Diversity Project

The goal of this project is to bring the tools of NVC to people in diverse communities working toward social change and peace.

Directory of Trainers

Trainers outside BayNVC can be listed on our directory by paying a small monthly fee.

Safer Communities Project

The goal of this project is to support healing and skill-building by offering ongoing, weekly NVC trainings in San Quentin State Prison, and in jails in Sonoma county.